TOKYO DRIVE CLUB – Project Analysis


EP Cover - Back.jpg

For our major project we had constructed a 5 track EP with the main theme of adventure and driving in mind. There were several points in the project that we had felt was executed to its fullest potential and at a satisfactory standard. One of our strengths was working within time pressure. Since we had a solid pre-production plan and a strong work ethic we completed much of the creative side nailed down. Technical aspects aside, our planning made it so that the technical side of the project was already prepared before hand or planned. This involved what microphones we were going to use, instruments, and musical ideas down before starting them so that we can have a kickstart on the project without wasting time. This had also mean that we had recorded a plethora of assets to use and even have the time to sift through certain audio assets that can be used.

One other aspect that we felt went right was our approach to work ethic. Most of the time whilst undertaking this project, we were dedicating and allocating most of our time and resources in the task that we had already planned weeks ahead. The strong team structure also meant that each individual member was performing different tasks such as foley,composition,editing and management. This had saves us heaps of time since we had dedicated these roles entirely due to everybodys weaknesses and strengths and by having this most of our workflow came naturally and efficiently.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.09.55 AM.png

In the group i was the main composer for the overall EP and mainly the person to start ideas and finish them till completion. Sam was in charge of playing the instruments such as the guitar and keyboard and was the main musician for most the sessions we had. Josh was the main foley capturer as most of our tracks were very foley orientated. this included the main ambience and also the percussions that were used in the track. Jordan was in charge of file and logistics management.

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The track has a central focus on foley which incorporates itself into the track. The track starts of with a car ride initiation . This track was particularly interesting due to the fact that we had to direct not only musical performances but also sound design performances as the track starts off with a scene where the listener is transported into the a car ride.

This was especially interesting because we had to setup a microphone to where the listener would be if they were in the car ride with us whilst also capturing and mixing different foley so that it sounded appropriate spatially. We also had to plan dialogue for the initial half of the song to set a scene of the song.

Musically we wanted to capture a more live jazz/bossa-nova feeling and so the acoustic guitar was integral to the melodic content of the song. Instrumentally, most the track was glued by the same instrumentations for continuity. The use of guitars is also very prominent in the EP and has the same playing techniques and processing in every track. We had also used the same guitar and vst’s to get the same sound in every track in the EP.


This track came eventually after many trial and error of how we wanted our EP to sound like as this track set the underlying tone to what sort of percussive sounds we wanted and also different modelling synths we wanted to use. This was also where had used midi and soft synths to shape the ep more than our more acoustic first track.

The main melody came from a kalimba and was the main instrumentation for the song. musically the song was very simple as we did not want to overwhelm the audience to much from the previous track.


Dreaming was a track that spawned off the previous track and has the same instrumentations and emotional responses. Most of the track was composed in midi with more deep house influences than the previous track where it had a tropical mis-en-scene to it. Most of the guitars were recorded with electric and processed using pedalboard in logic and frequency automated using the pencil tool.

The song is a blend between more traditional synths and live instrumentation and is by far one of our more up-tempo tracks. Thematically, This is the part of the track where the journey is at its peak and so we wanted to motivate the listener with something more livelier as they are thematically halfway through the journey.

Late Night

This track was our second laid back track instrumentally and sets a place in the setlist as more of a stripped down version of the ep where it was at its bare-bone the main ideals of driving music.musically the song was very simple and was built around the prominent bass riff that drives the song. Progressively, the track was very minimalistic with more certain synths appearing late into the track. Percussion wise it was heavily layered with certain frequencies as the stock kicks by itself was very dry and did not gel the frequencies as much. We also included some vocal harmonies to transition between certain sections instead of using pads which we used vocal transformer and a chorus to harmonically thicken the sound up.


One of the tracks Axiom is an orchestral track which was musically different than the other up-tempo tracks. For this we mainly used orchestral elements such as Timpani’s for the percussions and Strings to bolster the mid frequencies and act as a pad instead of the synths we had. This track was meant as a release to the journey as it set a triumphant tone in the song. However we still wanted to keep the overall electronic side of the ep and so we had used a basic saw-wave table to create the arpeggios for the track to bridge the more orchestral elements with the electronic one.

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