Tall Poppy Recording & Contracts

For the second part of the recording, we had recorded the other half of “The Caves” project in Tall Poppy Studios.

Firstly, we had to sign an NDA contract, in which we had to fully disclose the tracks that we were working on. This meant no screenshots on our blogs or even any mention on how the progress of the tracks were going. The contract was also made to maintain a professional relationship and agreement between the artist and SAE. This had also meant “The Cave” would give us access to the stems for mixing since we did record every aspect of her album. The tracks still had a 100% ownership from the “The Cave” but we had access to use it for educational purposes.

This was interesting for me as i have never signed a contract before and seeing the inner workings and agreements that would appear on a contract was interesting. This especially was prevalent as there was some drama regarding the projects being withheld from us due to the indecisive nature and trust breaking  issues that would appear even though we had signed a contract disclosing all the information from the outside world.

As for the recording process itself, the technical aspect went rather well with the musicians having issues with takes and uncertainty which bolstered our file sizes to gigantic amounts. There was also the problem of too much takes as most of the work and hours was focused on editing the recordings rather than recording new takes and for some students this was seen as a bad use of the studios since we only had two sesssions over there and not all the equipment was used to its fullest.

However, we did have an opportunity to hear and see more industry professionals work as they run a studio and the way sessions were setup in Tall Poppy. Their workflow was very organized and the way sessions were setup. The way equipment was manually placed such as where mic placements where and manually placing giant sound panels up to reduce specular reflections was interesting. Even checking most of the outboard gear out and them kindly explaining to me how the patching was setup and the uses of the gear was interesting and was more of the reason why i engaged in the sessions.

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