LO 16 & 19


Some of the art and aesthetic choices for the project came from several sources including music that we had liked and also pictures from several image publishing websites such as “Imgur” and “Tumblr”. Some of the music we had referenced for artwork was taken from bands such as “Last Dinosaurs”,”Oh Wonder” and “Cold Fresh Pillows”. Most of these artwork features vibrant and colourful compositions and so we wanted to reflect that in our music with the use of bright synths and electric guitars.

We had also referenced several youtube channels such as “The Sound You Need” (https://www.youtube.com/user/thesoundyouneed1/videos) that primarily host music like ours and so we had taken several names and aesthetic ideas for our music from the songs hosted here.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 12.13.20 pm.png

The main underlying theme of the project was quintessentially driving music so we wanted a journey of sound as the tracks progress from indie/slow-core to a sometimes a more driving piece.We had decided for a laid-back vibe when attaching a piece of artwork to the music we were about to make and so we had attached images of picturesque scenes such as mountains or long winding roads to relate to the music. Indie music is something that contains and evokes more emotion than mainstream music. The artists can focus more on what they feel is important rather than worry about a label.


For our target market, we had compiled a list of demographics that would fir our genre and aesthetic. Since our music is generally a blend of indie and electronic music, we had taken two demographics and generalized them to have a better target audience and a compromise between the two of them. Overall, the ‘Electronic Music Fan’ is majority male, but split mostly 50/50 between them. A heavy portion of the listening population falls in between the age of 18 to 24 for both males and females and so it is fairly music aimed at the youth.

Since we had an idea of our target audience, this had changed our output on how we wanted to shape our sounds. Since most of the demographic for this music is mostly based on the USA and Europe the use of certain instruments such as guitars and synths were mainly used whilst thinking of sound design for the EP since they are mainly used today in pop music made in their following regions.




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