Horror Scape

For my Horrorscape i decided to recreate an eerie atmosphere of being in an asylum or an abandoned hospital. I wanted to create a dark atmosphere with a back story behind it through the use of both musical and sound design elements. I took a risk in choosing music theory as the main method to achieve this effect rather than a sound design orientated track. The main ambient guitar chords was the main tool i used to evoke an emotional response in the listener and is reminiscent of a lot of horror game soundtracks such as ‘The Last of Us’ or ‘Silent Hill’.

For last trimester we went to Boggo Road and recorded some foley such as rusty doors and metal clanging. I decided to use some of the more agressive transient hits and atmospheric noises and reversed them to build the tension up for certain sections. Ive also delayed and looped some short transients hits such as clicks and door creaks at really quickly rate to change the hits into a very harsh synth due to how many samples a re playing a second. Ive also used frequency and distortion automated to create an interesting transition into certain sections.


The blog post can be found here


For the guitars ive recorded an electric guitar with a high gain which was slowly played using a bow. As i used ‘The Last of Us’ as my main influence I primarily used D minor diminished chords and octotonic scales to create an uneasy feeling to the track and was later pitched a whole octave down to recreate the lower chords. The signal was put into a delay unit and a heavy use of reverb with a large room size and a wet only signal to recreate the feeling of being in a large expansive building.

Some references on chords can be found here

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 5.07.45 pm

Ive also used massive to create a synth which was used to bolster the guitars high end frequencies. I layered a sine wave to create a sub bass and layered white noise to create the a very harsh sharp noise to the noise. Ive used as classic tube to add digital clipping to the synth and introduce a lot of pressure in the lower frequencies.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 4.58.48 pm.

For the laugh and the breath i primarily used vocal transformer to recreate the sound of a little girl laughing. Ive also reversed some breath noises and pitched them down with reverb to further add atmosphere within some sections of the track. Ive also included a playground foley which I’ve recorded last year and automated the pitch to decrease as the composition goes on to create a more sinister change from the creepy introduction.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 5.48.07 pm

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