Cave in – Audio Blog pt 2 – Soundtrack

In this blog i will address the soundtrack we made for the game “Cave in”. Similar to our last gaming project, a brief was given in which the mood of the track was referenced an where they would like the soundtrack to be placed in the game. The brief can be read here.

For all our composition we used Logic Pro X due to its easy midi sequencing functionalities. All the post processing was done using Logic’s stock plugins and was mainly worked in the raven studio. We had also tested out the music on several devices such as laptop and computer speakers to make sure the music was audible on a range of frequencies.

Composition 1 – Main Menu

For our first composition we wanted to evoke the feeling of easiness taking comfort and warmth into the main emotion. The music mainly featured very simple arpeggios being played by a pizzicato violin which was triggered using Kontakt’s main library. The song lasted 3 minutes which was enough time for the song to be repeated and since it was the main menu theme, it was fine for the track to be short since the average time players were on the main menu were mainly 5-30 seconds.

Composition 2

The main gameplay theme was divided into two sections. The first initial section was composed of a droning synth which played for the initial 30 second to set the dark tone of the cave in. The lateral section of the composition was mainly a thick synthesised bass line which drove the main gameplay as the players escaped a cave in. The overall composition was fairly simple due to the fact that they were a lot of sounds happening with the foley and the dialogue going on.

Since the main gameplay consisted of an average of 10 minutes, the game developer asked for a soundtrack which lasted just as long. The composition was challenging since we had to evoke the feeling of uneasiness for 10 minutes straight and so we recycled a lot of the midi notes but changing the instrumentation every minute.

Composition 3

The last composition was a credit theme in which it would be played during the credits of the game. The music composed is similar to the first track and is meant to evoke the feeling of freedom and happiness. The soundtrack was exclusively done using a piano and heavy reverb was then processed after. The main soundtrack was also accompanied by outdoor foley and the reverb was cut out to in the end reduce the claustrophobic setting the main game is placed.

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