Cave In – Audio Blog Pt 1 – Introduction

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For our second major project we were contacted again by Anthony Hope, the developer of the previous game “Your Team” to create another game entitled “Cave In”.

The game’s premise includes two miners who are at the end of a winding cave, mining away, when a cave in occurs. The person mining is blocked in and must dig their way through the small wall of rocks. But the player with the light isn’t blocked in, and as the lights are exploding one by one, must quickly escape before the lights run out, while leaving a trail of light and warnings for the miner to follow.


We had been given a brief that was shared with us over google drive which included base audio requirements and other in-house deadlines set for the rest of the members. The brief that was given to us provided a basis for the main sounds of the game that was needed the most. The brief also included non-diagetic background music that the developers wanted with reference tracks to help us when composing the tracks.


  • Adib Hussin (Audio)
  • Joshua Graham (Audio)
  • Jordan Forrester (Audio)
  • Anthony Hope (Game Developer)
  • Jarred Gruss (Game Developer)
  • Benjamin Lovegrove (Game Developer)
  • Huxley Dowling (Programer)
  • Lachlan Murray (Animation)

We had created a pre-production plan for the microphones and studios we planned to use for our own recordings. For an in-depth look, the link to the document can be seen here.

The main form of repository we used to share assets around our team was the use of google drive. We had also shared the drive to the other members of the game team so that it was easy for them to take specific assets or view certain documents that we were following to get a general idea of our work schedules.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 8.55.25 PM

Another form of contact that we used for sharing assets and ideas was a Facebook page that was setup specifically for the project. Since the project had a larger team working on it, an easy and accessible private page was needed to accommodate the game developers,animators and the audio team.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 8.13.32 PM

Audio Assets

For the audio assets that were needed to fill the game, we had split the audio into three main sections that corresponded to the type of audio it was.



  • Provide audio assets that can be played using Unity Engine’s triggering states.
  • Sounds would include short transient hits such as pickaxe noises, jumping noises or glass smashes.
  • More longer continuos sounds would also be included such as rocks falling, long fuse sounds or rain sounds.


  • Provide three pieces of non-diagetic music to use for the intro, gameplay and outro.
  • Appropriate music to signify the mood that correlates with the current situation of the game such as urgency or tranquility.


  • Provide sound bytes that can be triggered via checkpoints within the Unity Engine.
  • Provide a voice for the character in which the characters can portray their emotions and provide useful in-game tips to the players.

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