Nick Tart (Diamond Head) Recording Blog


For our week 6 class session, the whole of AUS220 recorded a 4 piece band called the “Diamond Head” which was led by the vocalist Nick Tart. We were also accompanied by Guy Cooper who was the main recording engineer as he took us through the process of recording all the way to desk operations.

For the live room recording we had used an array of microphones and DI gear to record the signal to the Neve studio. We had also provided foldback monitoring using 2 wedges that were placed near the vocalist and in the centre of the room and faced away from the microphone as to not create an infinite feedback loop.

For the Gear and microphones, we had used the following


  • Royer R121(Ribbon)


  • OH : Neumann KM184 (Pencil Mic)
  • Kick : AKG D112 (Dynamic/Inside) , Shure beta 52a (Dynamic/Outside)
  • Toms: Shure SM57(Top and mid), Senheiser MD 421(Floor)11694355_841210225966134_587438855_n

Room Mic

  • Drums & Guitar: Sennheiser MD 421
  • AKG C414


For the recording we patched all the cables to a junction box and an additional snake cable and was sent to the neve console taking use of all the channels. The session was setup allowing 4 stereo channels to be used as buses, occupying the last 8 channels.We had also used a patcher to route the vocals and drums to an outboard compressor which was used to reduce the dynamic range of the signal for both the fold back monitoring and studio monitoring.


For the recording sessions, each take was a new comp playlist and so there was a blank slate to record every take again without having all the takes in one session window. We had also written physical notes down for every take, jotting down points on what went well and what could have been improved. There was a total of six takes which got progressively better. We had chosen the last take as the more coherent take and went with it. We had packed the rest of the gear and recorded a double take straight after

After the whole recording session was finished, we did a feedback session with Guy Cooper and Diamond Head and talked about applying time and dynamic post processing to the mix. Over the next few weeks, we will work individually on providing our own mixes with the stems that were recorded in the studio session.

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