Group Project – Collab Track Processes

For one of our collaborative tracks we decided to experiment with the mood of Relaxed/Calm. For starters we laid out a basis for our song in pro-tools using live instrumentation’s and moved on to logic for more midi intensive tracks such as the vocal chops and the percussive composition.

For instrumentation’s, we decided upon the use of a bass guitar and a e-piano as a basis of the song and we avoided the use of heavy processing such as distortion or reverb since we did not want to over-burden the harmonic content with FX’s and lose its personal touch.

A bass was later added and is the main live melodic content and lower frequencies we had for the track. We chopped up varying lengths of bass shots and ordered them around in midi. Since most of us aren’t musicians, this was a great way to get the bass on time and to even change the notes if we wanted to change the progression later on.

The samples that we used can be read from a previous blog post

We decided to further add a more “human” touch to the track and so, we recorded vocal samples that were then insterted into EXS24 to experiment on. We chose 2 percussive sounding samples and a vocal vowel note that were produced by Jordan.

  • For the the breathing sound we decided upon the use of heavy hall reverb to change it into a white noise transition.
  • For Jaleel’s pop sound we decided upon the use of reverb and we used it as an anacrusis for the chorus.


We recorded Jordan’s voice in varying lenghts and used them for a choir-like vocal effect which acts as a pad. We also chopped the the sibilance of the vocals and edited them to sound like synth pluck. Both of these musical notes were post processed using Logics Vocal changer VST where the pitch and the formants were increased to achieve a female-like vocal effect. The wet was increased to 100% as we only wanted the processed vocals since we were going for a calm and gentle voice which went well with the track. Reverb was then added to the track to have a constrast from the dry melodic content we had at the time.

The whole track was first recorded into pro-tools but was later put into Logic Pro X due to the simplicity of midi editing since most of our tracks featured use of midi tracks and due to the off-timing nature of our horrible playing skills.

Later on to the songs cycle, we decided upon the use of foley sounds further add a natural touch to the track and so i inputted the sound of waterfall which i had recorded in the past and inputted it unto the track. We used the natural water sound as a white noise substitute and applied a low-pass filter as a sweep.

Here is the final render of the track including all the aspects ive mentioned in this blog.

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