Equipment Choices


For the past few weeks we have planned on gathering equipment that we wanted to use such as instruments and gear for our library music production.

Our pre-production plan helped us to have a set list of equipment and mic placements so that we could quickly get set up and plan for recording sessions for the time ahead.

Mic’s used

Percussions (SM57 Dynamic)

Ambient Mic (Behringer C2 Pair & AKG D112)

Vocal Mic (U87 Condenser)

Guitar Amp Mic (C414)

Equipment used

Guitars: Epiphone Les Paul Guitar, Yamaha Bass

Midi: Akai MPK49 (keyboard)

Gear: DI Box, Raven JLM Preamp (BA500,LA500A)

Mic Stand & Music Stand

XLR / ¼ Jack Leads

For certain percussions we have decided upon sampling them such as snares and cymbals to get a more live feel and to produce our own samples that we can work with in the near future.



For Jordans track we incorporated the use of an ambient mic and a close range mic to capture percussions such as a snares and some cymbal scrapes. For more eerie ambient tracks such as Josh’s we chose more controlled ways of handling percussion properties such as the timbre and lenghts. We hard some very weird sounds such as cymbal hits and cymbal scrapes to capture some more metallic sounds for Josh’s track.

We decided on some microphone placements such as the X-Y on the stereo tracks and the standard Dynamic and Condenser setup to capture more aggressive transient sounds. These tracks were routed through a junction box into the LA500A preamp.


For our library music project one of the main instruments we used were an electric guitar and bass. For that we used the Raven BA500 pre-amp to capture a direct input signal into our DAW. We used this method to get a clean and un-affected sound, however to reach our desired emotion/mood for this track we used Guitar Rig by Native Instruments to custom make the different sounds for the different guitar and bass tracks.

We wanted to use Outboard gear such as FX pedals to get a more analog sound but we decided on the use of software rigs to emulate it since we could switch between different sounds on the fly and experiment with different moods.


The sounds that we recorded ranged from musical progressions to weird string scratches. For the most part, the built in preamp worked as intended but some problems such as hardware latency caused some recordings to be difficult but for the most part, it was solved after we froze some tracks or initiated a system restart.

We also wrote a risk assessment plan incase any problems did arise which was fortunate since a guitar string snapped and we quickly replaced it. Another issue that arose was the 1/4 input jack was loose which created cuts and crackles in the recording. However after trouble shooting and pre-planning we did prepare and the replacement of cables was quickly resolved.


We have also used a midi keyboard to input midi data for some of our tracks. Most notably we used the keyboard to capture musical ideas that could be transferred between the piano and guitar so that composing music would be easier since we had an overview of what feel of the music would sound like before actually layering any instruments into it. The midi keyboard was also used in conjunction with Kontakt 5 to provide some sampler instruments such as an e-piano.

Some problems also arose since kontakt is generally a taxing on the CPU, we frozen the track before creating new track so that there were no crackling or input latency from inputting more midi tracks.

Since most of us arent muscially trained and so, we knew the use of midi would be a quick way to jot ideas and we had even taken pictures of chords so that we knew the progressions we were playing incase we ever needed to re-record. This was used in both the guitar and keyboard so that we could get visual representation rather than writing the chords down since it was faster and easier to read.

Below is Jordan’s track which incorporates all the aspects above using both in the box and outboard gear to create the track.

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