Creating something

In the next following weeks, i will create a track and document the processes i have taken into creating said track. The planned track will employ both live audio and electronic music elements and i will go into every detail on how a patch was made to how the live audio aspects were recorded and processed.

I have decided to go for the a more soul/funk genre employing certain aspects from other genres such as chill trap,future bass and jazz. I have laid out a basic chord progression employing it in the Major key of F and in 110 bpm.

The chords progression follows a basic syncopated rhythm of FMaj7 – Em7 -Dm7


The following midi notes were played using a KORG microkey and inputted to midi channel 1. The notes were slightly quaintized in 1/16th using the mouse to achieve a sense of human input rather than a rigidly quantized set of midi notes.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 7.25.13 AM

I have also taken the liberty to render out a 16 bar progression using KONTAKT’s New York Concert Grand sampler.


There were also some basic parameters such as Noise key and pedal that were boosted to achieve a more warmer and acoustic sound compared to a more midi sound that is expected from old casio keyboards. I have also decided upon using Logics built in Platinumverb reverb AU instead of using the built in reverb so that i could get more control on how i wanted the space to sound instead of one pot controlling a whole reverb parameter.

I wanted to recreate the room ambient from a tiny room so i only employed a 100% early reflections sound rather than have the reverb tail be dominant room sound.There is a very short 10ms predelay on the early reflections and i have chosen a medium sized room to achieve a sense of acoustic sound that would be achieved by a relatively enclosed small club. I have also changed the wet to be more than the actual dry piano sound to mix more of the ambient mics if a live setup was used.


I have also manipulated the piano chords by implementing a reverse reverb tail as a transition into the intro of the following 8 bars. I have bounced the piano progression into a new track but i have only bounced out the 100% wet reverb signal as a separate track. i then reversed the tail and made a fade out towards the end to avoid clipping sounds.



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